Is there and planet or sun behind the sun planet x???

I have been confused as I “saw” two Suns very clearly.

I awoke with a body shock. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’ve also reconnected with an old friend recently and my husband is stuck in another country due to COViD. I saw other nodes of light (people) all around the globe lighting up

Thanks for your insights. That keeps the anger in.

I am fascinated to read your article as I had a very strange experience recently. I believe there are two suns and two Gods, and I believe the proof certainly of the former will be given soon. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.Please sign up if you would like to receive her blogs and spiritual updates on a regular basis, by e-mail.

The when the sun set you could still see them bout. And the angels are starting to sing.

Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition.

Footage captured by eyewitnesses shows two glowing spots, called "phantom suns" to the east and west of the city. sound barrier (?) To go with the people, in the same direction as they were going or turn around and go the other way Loves nature and wildlife.

And light, so bright Gives way. I could not Your email address will not be published. Yes, I too will be looking out for Beltelgeuse’s transformation when it comes – this is such an important time. All in a dreamlike or hypnotised state but not knowing that A door opened at the end of the corridor The theory is not a new one: Jesus spoke of the time when there would be two suns, and it is a part of the lore of the Mayans and the Hopi Indians. More esoterically but for me as importantly is the description in the earliest spiritual scriptures of how the Planetary Great Creator, depicted as the Sun, is overshadowed by another and even more powerful deity, a second sun who one day will be known when humanity is ready. Required fields are marked *. And suddenly it's day again. People were dying and we had to hide and flee…. A realisation of what was happening to me I awoke, separate from but fully aware of my body So much love I live in the Caribbean and could see the sun setting in the west as usual, but when I turned and ran towards the east, there was the sun also setting in the east. If and when it happens, suspend your disbelief and feel – feel the presence of God becoming ever closer, and feel the majesty of whatever power may lie beyond. My suns remained the same, both inside and out!!! Thank you, Sophie. I Began announcing the situation to people around me that were a little oblivious but seemed to begin to catch on and we were all worried. I have been looking up this phenomena as I can’t get this strange experience out of my mind.

I just read that when the Betelgeuse (in the constallation of Orion) explodes and becomes a supernova it will light up the earth both day and night just like a second sun. The prophecy of the two suns has been interpreted as meaning that, when two suns are seen, the world is about to undergo a period of intense change, followed by a cycle of realignment and healing. Our world is so much greater than we can imagine, now, and the ancient prophecy of the two suns means so much more even than the prophets of old knew. Wobbly They had to “dim down” in order for my nervous system (and my eyes) to “take the light” they were transmitting I have had a series of “out-of-body” experiences, the last one (Mar 2020).

I saw it through a window inside, but thought something wrong with window, distorted, and then I went outside! I dived out into Space (felt like a leap of faith) There was an ominous force acting from above the corridor and control happening from overhead and flew past coming to land, chased by a low aircraft (military?) Sign up to receive blogs (and newsletters) by e-mail, Free meditation and channellings downloads,

A stunning "sun dog" phenomenon was observed in Shijiazhuang City, north China's Hebei Province.

I can surely say how happy i am to see nor experiences seeing 2 suns on top of our roof top . The 2 sun that i saw was kinda close to each other as twin, it was during the day time like around 3-4pm during the time i step out to see those 2 sun not far nor too far from each other, the reason i can tell which is the real sun is because its a little bigger n brighter then the one a little beside it, but both were shining really bright. A number of people have told me of similar remarkable sightings. A being that was me I’m feeling overwhelmed right now, that’s the reason I searched this! So loud Thousands of images flashing in awareness We have lived in North Carolina, Hickory at the time. Saw an image of our Sun (yellow)

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

Only the experience of Love existed Waves of orgasmic ecstasy rose up within my physical body It will be both wonderful and remarkable – too much for some people but long-awaited perfection for others. I turned around and ran the other way down the corridor I thought this was a precursor for something about to happen, sure enough at some point a huge spaceship (saucer like) came from where the Second sun was (maybe it was the sun?) Even though the day is done. This control was hidden from the people Can anybody help me figure it out?

Moving through space

The incredible thing was that they would join as one, then switch out to two, side by side, and then one time, one on top! I saw what i saw either , My mom is a shaoman a spiritual person but, ask for me i believe in Heavenly Father God, i dont know why so far out of all my friends and families im the only one nor person to capture the moment or seen 2 suns in my life time.

I do not doubt that this new cycle of planetary evolution is life-changing in an inter-dimensional sense: we are about to be part of something that has never been experienced on Earth before, and it will enable us to see and know what has been hidden for ever. Could be the human race is run. Hi. Posted January 8th, 2017, by Claire Montanaro. which was a commercial jet like plane… they landed nearby (crashed? Through the White noise (?) Im happy i got to see some kind of experience like that when i was 15year old. Surrounded by “light family”

All believing they were walking down the corridor through free will, because it was their choice. It was amazing. My name is Andreas (from Sweden) The deeper spiritual significance is that the great Earth changes that are so widely anticipated will result in a profound shift in the consciousness of men and women everywhere, and the releasing of a surge of … I awoke with a body shock. She couldnt give me tge answer n tell me why? I found this page looking for some understanding of my dream last night. Hmm.

Ive stepped outside to take some picture and looked over on top of our roof to my surprised and was very shock to see 2 bright shinning suns over of roof top. All I could do was praise the Lord!!! I awoke, in a corridor

No fear A lot of people there who I recognised from past and present

The wire that holds the cork. Maybe the plane) and we all began to flee as if it was an invasion. I “tried” to get scared Thank you, Katie – and how interesting! awareness Not able to “drop” into the state of fear whilst being held there A light Ship

Thank you. In recent weeks, certain scientists talked of the possibility of there being two suns influencing Earth. Which somehow kept them in a mental prison I awoke with a body shock, I awoke separate from but aware of my body travelling very fast Hello, Andreas – and what an interesting comment. I’m sure there will be more.

Stood still?

I awoke, separate from but aware of my body Your email address will not be published. Aware, I was able to make a choice

I turned around 180 degrees I was held up, by light family, in love and above fear It was incredibly vivid and somehow it feels like it is carrying some important meaning. Saw this on today from Dubai. I ask my mom but she doesnt know why either and she a shaoman spiritual person to. Saw a new Sun come online (Red) This helps, thank you. The main tool that was used to control the people was fear I just saw two suns about 2 hrs ago!!! The rare optical illusion happens when the sunlight is … it goes on… I feel like the suns/moons really mean something spiritual.

A metaphor what is happening and what is to come, perhaps? There were two choices (as we were in a corridor so only two choices/ways to go).

I saw myself as a node of light.

The deeper spiritual significance is that the great Earth changes that are so widely anticipated will result in a profound shift in the consciousness of men and women everywhere, and the releasing of a surge of new spiritual energy. Into space (ship?) I went on a journey I couldnt believe what i saw and that was the first and last time ive seen 2 sun, believe it or not it was also the 2 very bright n shiny very pretty and bright not like certain ones i research on youtube. Making people believe the corridor (mind matrix) real I was out for a jog at sunset. The prophecy of the two suns has been interpreted as meaning that, when two suns are seen, the world is about to undergo a period of intense change, followed by a cycle of realignment and healing.

When i was 15 year old.

Two suns in the sunset. It was night outside and there was a full moon, I started to become aware of a second full moon which became brighter and brighter and before I knew it everything was illuminated as if it was daytime, they seemed to look more like suns than moons as they became brighter. clarity I was “taken” on a journey The fear was also hidden and largely unacknowledged by the people Oct 18th 2020 Houston Tx 620 pm I saw two suns in the sky it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. All (including myself) walking along the corridor in the same direction. The flurry of interest in the evidence-based idea soon died – for now. I BEcame FULL of JOY. into the light The sun is in the east.

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