The hum has been likened to a cat’s purr or sometimes to a person humming. Now he has nearly 60. Your email address will not be published. “People come up to me and ask, ‘Why are the llamas humming?’ ” he said. Llama breeders have been known to pay as much as $30,000 for a top-quality male, but a regular pet llama can be had for less than $500. After one long morning she and Amigo spent with some schoolchildren, a teacher asked if she could bring in one last group, the special-needs students. Their hums range in tone and urgency and seem to convey emotions and states of being. And Ben? Ok. Llama crias born in the Andean wild are typically born with the females of the herd gathering around to protect against potential predators. But if you’re fortunate enough to live in the right place and you have some outdoor space, as Mrs. Fink’s husband, Jerry, will tell you, “Llamas will steal your heart.”. “They’re just so calming and enjoyable to be around,” she said. Another wall is covered with ribbons won at llama shows, which are similar to dog shows. LOL!

The children must have thought he was happy. “They recognize each other by the hum,” she said.

Among the offspring of that program were notable llamas like Dr. Doolittle, whose heavy white fleece produced 17 pounds of fiber when shorn and whose descendants are prizewinning llamas today. Cría, means “baby” in Spanish. ), Cheerio, she said, moving on to a miniature female with a white-and-brown coat, is timid with strangers, “but will follow me around like a puppy dog.”, As she spoke, Mrs. Fink touched each of the llamas, hugging their faces, lifting their feet and fluffing the fur on their haunches, her way of making sure that all of them have daily human contact.

Llamas are related to camels — they are both members of the “camelid” family.

“They have to walk on a lead, they have to be nice to people, they have to behave.”. Llamas also hum for lots of other reasons, like when they're anxious, tired, uncomfortable, excited, or just curious. Her husband said he gets a lot of questions about it. to get the story of why the Llama Fest was started. That’s not the only thing that’s awesome about llamas. “Llamas are intelligent, and they’re very curious,” Mrs. Fink said. That irresistible quality may explain their popularity as pets. It’s a curious behavior, but one that most people find soothing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. “When I can’t take people anymore, I go out to the barn,” she said. Until recently, llamas were hard to come by here. They’re not going to play with you, not going to be your friend.” (Note: alpaca people might take issue with this.).

Mike Asay and I drove down to the Hare Krishna Lotus Temple. In the Finks’ immaculate suburban house, framed portraits of their pet llamas hang over the fireplace alongside photos of their grandchildren. Llamas are very social herd animals. His name is still spoken with reverence in the llama community. “I refer to them as our walking lawn ornaments,” he said fondly. (Only 35 are her pets, she is quick to note; the others she boards for local families.). In other matters, however, they are very restrained. Mothers may also hum to greet their new baby. If Kuzco had been there, you would've gotten more than hums out of the llamas!

In the United States, some llamas do similar kinds of work.

If they don’t have health problems, they can live for decades. Updated Jan 10, 2019; ... Alpacas and llamas … She occasionally makes public appearances with the friendliest of her 55 llamas.

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