Wearing masks aren’t about saving lives it’s about control. There is no COVID-19 vaccine available yet nor evidence that a potential vaccine will include a microchip. PEACE AND HEALTH TO ALL, AND PRAYERS!! And don’t worry about Bill Gates, he is an OK Guy and has been falsely maligned by people who have no idea what they are saying. Without evidence of good health you will not be able to buy or sell – go to work or the shops. The text of the patent further explains that the “user device” in the diagram may include wearables, such as a smart watch, or cell phones, laptops, or tablets: User device 130 may include any device capable of processing and storing data/information and communicating over communication network 120. Reading the articles here by Matthew Halsted and replies to them does helped, although I still find the associations of the mark of the beast with these things rather strange. Then it reached the roof and another rescue attempt be he had such faith that God was going to deliver him from certain death, that he refused. Everyone considers the physical without considering the spiritual. Shove ur TOXIC vaccines and RFID MICROCHIP up ur arse.

The full context in which that is said is mark those who are crying out or bemoaning the abominations of things done there. (is separated from God forever)? Comments? Therefore if you wonder and have to ask around whether it’s the mark of the beadt, then it’s NOT. The warning about taking the mark tells us we will be tormented and be thrown into the lake of fire. Pray for a Great Awakening before the Lord’s return! “We've never been in this to advocate that all people get chipped. Now that’s going too far. Being scanned by a heat detector isn’t the mark. You are working with sick and infected people, so it IS a requirement. Personally I think about the lines “And do not bring us into temptation, but rescue us from evil”. From the writings of Pliny, for example, we learn how professing Christians’ faith were put to the test by having them worship the image of Caesar (Pliny, Letters, 10:96-97).11, The emperor’s image was everywhere, especially on coins. The original footage has been cropped and taken out of context. For more info click here – http://www.logopeople.in. Sad. Jesus himself said that He came to Testify to the Truth.

her it is: you believing that you will be like God eventually (have self-existence). Our happiness is not for this world but the next. It’s all really in the works now (As it had been forever) and I absolutely believe the vaccine has to do with the Mark! Cerita itu tidak lepas dari teori konspirasi yang berteori bahwa pihak pemerintah berupaya menanamkan mikrochip untuk melacak, memantau dan mengendalikan setiap warganya.

The vax also includes “LUCIFERASE”- we can’t make this stuff up guys!!! Great article Matt. Others are coming. I do believe that once saved always saved, otherwise you would be trying for salvation through works not faith. It seems pretty clear to me this vaccine & all that’s connected to it is bad news.

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